Contemporary Bathrooms By MOMA Design

Contemporary bathroom decoration representing oval white bathtub
Contemporary bathroom interior completed with hanging white sink
Contemporary bathroom decor idea filled with long wall lamps
Contemporary bathroom furniture depicting brown ligneous floor
Contemporary bathroom furniture accompanied with sheen yellow lighting
Contemporary bathroom decor showing sneaking white tub and well ordered storage

Each room of the house has its own function. So, we should pay attention to detail of the design. In addition, a clean house reflects that the homeowner fond with the cleanliness. First, there is a space that truly reflects the cleanliness of the personality of the homeowner. What is the room? It is...

  Modern Coastal Home In Geometric Forms

Simple veranda with its plank wooden floor to see the sea
Modern but rustic dining room with its wooden dining table and rattan hanging pendants
Modern geometric home with plate glass installed and beutifully decorated by deluxe swimming pool
Wooden staircase with its glass partition to get the higher level of the house
Stunning and airy living room by its plate glass windows and simple furniture
Mnimalist and modern bathroom in white scheme completed with simple wooden vanities

Coastal house is a never ending fabulous house. Located nearly with beach and sea, this kind of house gives special atmosphere that you cannot find in other places. Commonly coastal house is designed to be a villa with many wood materials over there and here. But it is not always like that, a coasta...

  Wonderful Modern Apartment In Kharkov

cozy living room decorated by long white sofa and elegant television
comfortable bathroom decorated by beautiuful rug and nice decorative plants and flowers
beautiful corridor area decorated by many pictures in the frame hang on the wall
cozy dining room decorated by elegant black dining table and chairs with many small apples on it
beautiful living room decorated by chic decorative plants and nice accents on the wall
wonderful bedroom area decorated by cheer curtain design and fresh green carpet

In this modern era, many people like everything simple, include in choosing the place to live. One of simple choices is by choosing apartment. You just need to choose the apartment and buy it. Generally, apartment is designed by minimalist design. However, although the design is minimalist or simple...

  Modern Sophisticated House Ends Up In Luxury

Sleek laminated wooden floor looks matched with black small window and white palette scheme wall
Small modern high rise level living room in neutral palette
Modern small white bathroom with glass partition for shower
plate glass low sliding window completed the space for natural lighting
Sloping customized lawn installed sophisticatedly
Simple drink can be served on the mini bar with liquor cabinet in black

Architects never lose their ideas in designing a house. People might think houses are too sophisticated and not functional enough to stay, but their works are kinds of masterpieces. This home, which is located in Porto, Portugal, is a masterpiece. A high rise house with its innovative and sophistica...


the minimalist bathroom has the bathtub, toilet and vanity mirror next to each other in linear
dark tiles for the bathroom wall is a great idea as it has the ability to reflect that makes the bathroom look a little bit larger that it actually is
raw concrete ceiling somehow create a rustic feeling in the modern living room
minimalist and elegant living room can be set simply by choosing light color as its theme
kitchen is placed in the same room as the living room to optimize the space efficiency
the living room of the loft 002 is decorated with a creative pendant made of numerous lamps connected with ‘spider’ feet

Many modern people now prefer minimalist style but with a lot more style in it. Minimalist and classy may be best words to describe this design. The idea of the design is to provide a minimalist abode for a young, small family. Well, I’d say that the designer of this house knows how to play with l...

  Modern House Design Featuring Natural Stone Walls

furniture in the kitchen is painted in black to give masculine yet classy accent
the minimalist and elegant bathroom is set in white color
the opening on the ceiling is a brilliant way to brighten up the living room
you will find the dining room has sophisticated look with its furniture made of metal and timber
the amazing architecture peeked from the small opening on the stone wall
the amazing patio design with round shaped floor surrounded with pebbles

LIJO RENY Architects completed the project they called the running wall residence in 2012. According to the description from the architect, the client wanted a house that looks intimidating. The result of this project indeed just looks as expected: gracefully intimidating. The residence is located i...

  Nice Design Of Magliocco House By Savioz Fabrizzi Architects

Wonderful room in Magliocco House  with bright color and door
Cool dining room with large wooden dining table and white chairs
Great room with wonderful painting white ceiling and white floor
Amazing Magliocco House  with many plants around the house
Exciting Magliocco House  with some big mountains near the house
Elegant living room with yellow sofa brown chair small tables and vase

House is a valuable thing. Everyone wants to have the house. Most of people in the world have the house. However, the designs of the houses are various. So, you have to be careful in choosing the design for your house. The design will be very useful for you. Here, savioz fabrizzi architectes has sha...

  Nice Design Of 20 Taylorwood Drive With Luxurious Accessories

Luxurious bathroom with great large mirror white sink and white shelf
Cool bathroom with unique white bathtub with suitable placement
Elegant bathroom with large mirror cool sink and suitable shower room
Great white suitable sink with nice design on the long shelf
Exciting kitchen with white cabinet refrigerator sink large countertop and red bar chairs
Nice room with wooden floor suitable fireplace and cool small light

Home design is various. You can look for various home designs in a country. The growth of home design is influenced by taste of people in home design. Every people may have different favorite design. You may want to be confused in choosing the home design for your home. You need to ask suggestion fr...

  Natural Shady House With Botanical Features Surrounded

Roof top lawn installed for beauty
Fresh and shady home with beautiful landscaping completed with pool and botanical features
Opened living room as a veranda with simple lighting and wooden cushioned seats
High rise home with opened corridor balcony
Warm but stunning home in brown which has flat roof
Comfortable dining room in wooden rustic but modern theme

Have you ever stayed in a fresh natural shady home which is surrounded by trees and botanical features? Or you might imagine it as your dream home? Yes, trees, nature, natural stones always give us natural ambience that cannot be replaced by anything. To enrich your captures of that kinds of house, ...

  Nice House: Plywood House II By Andrew Burges Architects

Nice kitchen with large elegant hanged lights countertop suitable sink wooden cabinet and stove
Exciting space in Plywood House II with wooden floor with combination of small simple ladder
Elegant bathroom with wooden floor white toilet large mirror sink and wooden shelf
Great room with withpink chair beautiful hanged light wooden wall shelf with many accessories
Amazing room with large bookshelf wooden shelves long desk and chair
Suitable dining room with cool large dining table chairs wall shelf and large painting

Building a house, you will have to consider many things. One of the things is design that you will apply in the house. The design will influence shape, size, color, and number of rooms in the house. You have to find the most suitable design for the house. It will help you to have a house as you wish...


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